Corneal transplantation replaces the diseased or scarred portions of the cornea, which is normally clear. This is similar to changing a camera lens. It is approximately 12 mm in diameter.


Corneal transplantation replaces the scarred portions of the cornea. Scarring is a major cause of vision loss worldwide. More than 12.5 million people, including millions of children, are blind in both eyes. In addition, millions more patients are corneal blind in one eye. Transplantation is the only option available for corneal blindness.

Eighty per cent of corneal scarring is curable with this procedure. The surgery requires specialized skills, and supporting a corneal transplantation service requires basic, properly maintained operating room equipment.

Following surgery, the patient requires access to and supply of specific topical medications. With appropriate follow-up, frequently for a lifetime, most patients will enjoy improved or restored vision and a better quality of life.