Moving Forward

New Initiative with UBC


Eyesight International has helped train over 355 ophthalmologists who now care for patients all over India – not just in Hyderabad. Their support has come from patients of Dr.Dubord and represents a deep connection between Canadians from our Vancouver region and the people of India. As the LVPEI has become a world-class eye hospital and research center, the board of ESI felt it would be a fitting tribute to Dr. Dubord to set up the Dr. Paul Dubord Resident Education Award. Our reasons for establishing the award are:

  •       To give an opportunity for physicians trained in Canada to see a variety of eye conditions and diseases in volumes that are rarely seen here, if at all
  •       To provide exposure to some of the intensive ophthalmological research at LVPEI as it is now a top ranked research institution in eye diseases in the world
  •       To see an organizational structure that provides eye care to millions of people from the smallest village to the large centres and broaden the perspectives on how health care can be delivered, beyond the Canada /US dichotomy
  •       To maintain and celebrate this well-established connection between India and British Columbia’s Indian diaspora community

To date, Eyesight International Canada has sponsored the training of over 355 ophthalmologists at the LVPEI  in India for Indian patients.  This award gives an opportunity for Canadians residents to observe and learn about the wonderful work being done there and bring those experiences into their practices in Canada. This award sponsors a four week visit by doctors in the third year of UBC’s ophthalmology residency program. Students will be exposed to the wide range of eye care services provided to all ages and walks of life by the LVPEI staff. All will have a chance to work with the world class corneal transplant and eye banking team, where Dr. Dubord’s efforts are so evident. Thousands of people in India now have their eyesight restored by the doctors who trained there with the aid of Eyesight International.


Help us help the blind

ESI plans to expand its programs to other parts of the LMIC where the needs are dramatic with millions of needlessly corneal blind that have no access to corneal transplantation. Become a champion and an advocate of ESI by sharing this organization’s goals and achievements with your family and friends. Furthermore, you may donate directly to our programs.