The education and training of healthcare professionals are critical to any successful corneal transplantation program. This includes surgeons, eye bank managers, technicians and counsellors. Education and skills transfer must be comprehensive and updated on a regular basis.


Comprehensive corneal transplantation requires specialized skills. For example, eye surgeons when they graduate generally do not have the necessary knowledge and skills. ESI supports these basic educational programs so that surgeons acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, usually in one to two years duration depending on the skills that individual surgeons bring into the program.

ESI and partners program’s provide skills not only regarding surgery but also skills in patient selection and post-surgery management including treatment of transplant rejections. Diagnosis and treatment of corneal disease to prevent or minimize corneal scarring and to maximize vision are also provided.

An important benefit is that surgeons acquire skills that also benefit other areas of their practice as eye surgeons such as improved skills in cataract surgery. All these skills will assist these surgeons for the rest of their lifetime. Similar benefits are required by other health care professionals involved in Eye Banking and Corneal Transplantation.