Buenos Aires, Argentina

I decided to become an ophthalmologist when I was very young. After medical school, I started my residency at the Clinica de Ojos Dr Nano, Bueno Aries, Argentina where I learned the basics of ophthalmology for three years. Later, I applied at the LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) as I realized it was the best place to train.

When I came to India, I was a young ophthalmologist willing to learn things to be able to help people in my country, Argentina. Cornea was my desire to learn all the clinical and surgical aspects of this field.

I reached the LVPEI February of 20, 2015. This Corneal Fellowship (the LVPEI/ESI fellowship), I had dreamed about for three years, had finally come true.
My Fellowship at the LVPEI taught me about life, dreams and the people became a family to me.
The LVPEI is an inspiration to dedication and excellence. It is incredible how this place builds in everyone a sense of belonging and after finishing feeling nothing more than wishing to come back, even with the passing of time.
Thanks to the LVPEI/ESI Fellowship, I changed my way I behaved not only with my patients, in my daily work but the way I behave in life. Now whatever the situation I can stand confident think and solve things. I have made friends all over the world who I share my experiences and keep on learning from them.
My teachers will forever be beside me with wise words constantly stimulating the thought process.
They never stop encouraging me. I got as much as I could from the LVPEI/ ESI Fellowship. It was the best experience of my life. I have nothing more than perfect memories. I enjoyed everything including the difficult days.
Even though for me my fellowship was only 15 months long, I gave my best to get as much as every other fellow and become a corneal specialist.
I thank the LVPEI for everything I’ve learned.
The LVPEI/ESI Fellowship was best experience I have had in my life. I will make sure I will spread everything I have learned and make all my teachers proud

Dr Agustina Borrone