Education and Training

There is a desperate shortage of trained medical personnel in the developing world. To address this problem, the Eyesight International Group designs, funds and supports programs in the developing world to train doctors and other medical health personnel.

These programs are provided at institutions with a proven ability to provide high quality training. This is substantially less expensive than providing training in the West - training an ophthalmologist in the
developing world for one year costs about $2,000 US, compared to $40-50,000 US for training in the developed world.  This approach also increases the likelihood that the trainee will remain in the community. 

Individuals trained in the Eyesight International Group's programs commit to working in non-profit facilities for a period of time (two years for ophthalmologists), typically performing thousands of operations on those who are blind or visually disabled. Graduates are further encouraged by various incentives to devote a portion of their entire professional life to non-profit work.

Recently, the Eyesight International Group has expanded its training programs to include management personnel and the leaders of local financially self-sustaining eye care centres.  For more information, see Leadership Training.

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